smartpond® Introduces Premium Line of Professional-Grade Pumps

West Palm Beach, Florida (June 2016) – smartpond® introduces a new line of premium pumps at Lowe’s this season. Eleven premium pump options in various size capacities are available to satisfy a range of pond, waterfall and fountain pumps needs for DIYers and professionals. Innovatively efficient pumps offered in 200 stores & online at

These premium pumps provide peak performance thanks to a highly-optimized design that prevents potentially harmful large debris, ranging from twigs to leaves, from entering the pump. This pre-filtration mechanism ensures uninterrupted operation by protecting the key components of the pump from damaging particles found in pond environments. This ultimately assists in maintaining a crystal clean, clear pond thanks to the maximum aeration and circulation achieved by the waterfall and pond pumps.

The waterfall pumps found in this Premium line provide user-friendly operation with distinctions such as a unique handle and ability to be positioned vertically or horizontally in the water. This versatility is helpful for accommodating a variety of water feature designs, as well as for use in skimmer boxes and tight spaces.

In addition to the four waterfall and three pond pumps in the new line, smartpond introduces new Premium fountain pump options ranging from 80 to 500-GPH. These pumps provide the same enhanced pre-filtration to keep the pump running seamlessly without concern for clogging that can diminish operation and performance.  One step further in user-friendly design, the higher gallon per hour fountain pumps feature low-water pick-up.  This means the pump continues to work even in levels of water that are typically too low. This is a maintenance advantage especially in hot climates where water must be replenished frequently.  The pump can also be used ‘in-line’ – or outside the water – for maximum flexibility in design and usage.

“As a product developer, it is exciting to respond to create a product that not only meets industry needs, but inspires consumers to experience the wonders of water gardening with low-maintenance, high-quality products,” says Michael W. Selk, Vice President of Operations & Engineering at GeoGlobal Partners, manufacturer of smartpond®  products.”

Whether looking for small or larger capacity pumps, the new smartpond premium pumps offer innovative options for building and maintaining a water feature. MSRPs range from $19.98 – 264.

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About smartpond®

Created exclusively for Lowe’s, the smartpond®  brand offers a premier line of water gardening products that cater to pond DIY enthusiasts who want to transform their dream projects into a reality. With a diverse selection of top-quality pond, fountain and water gardening equipment, smartpond®  provides all the components needed to design beautiful water features at an exceptional value. This state-of-the-art product line ensures that projects – whether new creations, enhancements or maintenance – are made easy and enjoyable thanks to high-performing and reliable products. smartpond® introduces their new line to help continue pond DIY enthusiasts accomplish all their goals.


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