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Prepare Your Plants for Closing Your Pond

Winter is coming and that means so are the snowmen, hot cocoa, and ice skating!  Before winter can be properly enjoyed, water gardeners must prepare their ponds for the upcoming months of freezing temperatures.  Fish can often dominate the winterization strategy, but plants also need extra care in the fall to help make the transition.  As the ponds begin to ice over and your pond closes, depending on their hardiness, plants need to be relocated indoors, pruned, or moved to the bottom of the pond.

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First Day of Fall DIY!

Happy first day of Fall! The Autumnal Equinox marked the official start of the new season despite the signs of fall already being scattered in supermarkets and Pinterest feeds. Fall is such an exhilarating and fun season, there’s no shame in wanted to make it last as long as possible. The clothes are softs, the trees magical, the food is comforting, everything tastes like pumpkin and smells like cinnamon. There are so many great DIY decorations, but ponds are often left out of the fun!

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How to Enjoy Your Pond Through Fall

Summer is nearly officially over.  Depending on where you are, you may have already begun to get the first gusts of fall wind.  Fall is a lovely time that smells of cinnamon and tastes of pumpkin.  It is a transitional period to help ease us into winter, which is much needed for pond owners.  Besides the fish care, there are other pond elements which must be prepared for freezing temperatures.

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How to Train Your Fish to Eat from Your Hand

 Koi are very intelligent fish with unique personalities.  Jackie Chan famously trained a koi to roll over for a belly rub in a viral video.  Training a fish to roll over is no easy feat, and should be worked up too.   Koi develop relationships with their owners, showing excitement when seeing them, and learning their routines.  Some Koi will even rub up on their owners hands when in the water and enjoy being hand fed.  Certain Koi are naturally more social than others due to their personalities, you may have already noticed a few “greeters” always say hi while the shy guys hang out in the back.

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Feeding Your Fish as Temperatures Decline

With Fall around the corner, it’s nearly time to break out the sweaters and boots and begin your diet of Pumpkin Spice.  Florida friends are still at war with algae in bathing suits and flip flops, but those a little more North are starting the battle of the leaves.  Pond care shifts as the weather becomes cooler, and a major area of concern is fish feeding.

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