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Closing Down Your Pond

Winter is a magical time of year.  Unfortunately your koi can’t curl up in a Snuggie by the fire and read a good book while it snows; they need a little extra TLC to make it through the winter.  Fish are better equipped to handle the cold, but may need to be moved indoors depending on the situation.  Some plants need no help and will surprise you in spring with a bloom of hello.

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3 Spooky Décor Ideas for Around Your Pond

Every year the end of October, everyday household items become opportunities for mischief and fright.  Halloween is arguably one of the most enjoyable holidays to decorate for.  There are endless DIY decorations to give your pond a wonderfully eerie feel.  A spooky pond will give trick-or-treaters extra goosebumps and giggles.  If your decorations are scary enough, the trick-or-treaters will be too frightened to knock on the door, and you’ll have all of the candy to yourself!  

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How to Repurpose Leaves Into Compost

Composting is a great way to naturally recycle organic materials.  Many cities in the United States have voluntary composting systems.  Unused foods, lawn vegetation, and solid paper products can be disposed of in a covered plastic bin designated for compost, and it will be collected by the city’s waste disposal.  While this isn’t available in every city, it’s easy to compost fall leaves at home. The abundance of leaves during the fall makes for environmentally friendly and nutrient-rich mulch that can be used for gardening! Instead of scooping soggy leaves out of your pond into the trash, add them to the compost; nuisance becomes nutrients!

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DIY Container Fountain Kit

It would be hard to find a more tranquil sound than a fountain. A garden can be turned into a peaceful sanctuary filled with the calming sounds of running water. Fountains come in all different shapes, sizes, and…price tags.  A pretty self-contained water feature can cost anywhere from a hundred to over a thousand dollars! The smartpond® Container Fountain Kit turns water gardening into an affordable Do It Yourself project with lots of freedom.

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