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Craft Ideas for Kids on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the best seasons for kid friendly, DIY decorations.  Pinecones and leaves are readily abundant and can be used for many different craft projects.  Collecting the leaves and pinecones is nearly as fun as the crafts!  You can easily keep your kids busy and by the end of the season, your house will be filled with memorable decorations to bring a smile, as you head into the holiday season. Many projects can be turned into a fun lesson on the history and thankfulness! Read More

3 Things You Should Know About Ponds In Cooler Temperatures

There are cold weather people who love big jackets and hot chocolate and there are warm weather people, who enjoy bathing suits and smoothies.  Similar to people, ponds can flourish in any season, but have special needs to succeed in the fluctuating temperatures.  During the warm weather, the main concern is algae blooms, water quality, and oxygen levels.  The three things you should know about ponds in cooler temperatures are the decline of good bacteria, vulnerability of fish, and potential runoff exposure.

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DIY Pinecone Centerpiece

Pinecones are often seen as nuisances, as anyone who has ever stepped on one while running through a yard barefoot can attest, but are great ingredients for DIY projects.  Pinecones are perfect for fall decorations because they smell wonderful, and are usually readily available as the leaves change.  Pinecones make beautiful and cost-effective centerpieces for the holiday season.  They can be rustic and classic, giving the table an earthy, but effortlessly elegant feel.

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