DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Birds bring a yard to life, a blend of nature and beauty with their various personalities, colors, and sounds.  They also enjoy munching on bugs, worms, even spiders, and help with pollination.  You can watch them for hours, allowing your mind to still, as they flit from one tree to the next, communicating with one another.  They induce a state of peace and relaxation, as watching them forces you to live in the moment.  It can help ease stress and make your problems seem less monumental, observing how large and intricate the world truly is, while breathing fresh air.  

An easy way to attract birds and the occasional squirrel into your yard and garden is by adding bird feeders.  They’re easy to maintain and easily double as decor.  Birdfeeders can be as easy or complex as you would like.  They can be made out of almost anything.

It can be more cost effective to make a DIY seed, and you can make as little or as much as you need without worrying about it staying fresh.  It’s great if you can use organic bird seed. Some pesticides and insecticides can be harmful to birds.  Only use unsalted nuts and no sugar added dried fruits. Birds begin nesting in the late winter or early spring and into summer.  You can add yarn, fabric strips, or straw into the feeder and they will delightfully use it to make their homes.  Birds have a difficult time seeing windows and can be seriously injured if they fly into one.  It’s recommended that you keep your birdfeeders at least 30 feet from any windows.


Easy DIY Birdseed

  1. sunflower seeds (less mess if you used shelled)
  2. cracked corn
  3. millet (preferable white)
  4. shelled peanuts
  5. dried fruit


Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

  1. plastic bottle
  2. two large wooden spoons
  3. string or a wire

Take a big plastic soda bottle and cut two holes across from each other.  The holes should be around the size a quarter.  Place the end of the spoon through one of the holes and have it come out the other.  The bill of the spool will be where the birds stand to eat the seed.  Cut two more holes for the other spoon, leaving a few inches in between and allowing the spoons to cross so two birds can feed at once.  A string or wire can be used to hang the bottle.  If using a string, a hole may need to be cut through the neck of the bottle.  Fill the bottle up with seed and watch as the wild birds feast!


Hanging Orange Bird Feeder

This birdfeeder has a shorter shelf life because real oranges are used, but it looks really pretty hanging from trees. It’s really simple to make, all you need are oranges and string.  Cut the orange in half and scoop out the fruit. Poke matching holes on both side of the rind.  Tie the yarn to each hole and leave enough string so it can hang from the tree.  The orange should make a bowl to hold the birdseed. Tie it at the top, fill it with birdseed, and hang whenever you want!


Tea Cup Bird Feeder

  1. teacup with saucer
  2. strong glue
  3. string, chain, or a wooden post

Teacups are an underutilized decoration that add a great whimsical, Alice in Wonderland, vibe.  There are a few different ways you can make this birdfeeder.  You can glue the teacup to the saucer at the bottom, so it is resting upright, or you can have the teacup laying on it’s handle facing upwards.  Wait for the glue to dry properly.  If the teacup handle is facing upwards, you can easily tie a string to it so it can hang.  If it’s glued at the bottom, you can crisscross two pieces of string underneath the saucer and tie them together at the top.  If you have a spare post laying around, the saucer can also be glued to the post, which looks really cool if you have more than one!


Mason Jar

Mason jars can be easily turned into a birdfeeder with the help of a chick feeder.  This chick feeder can be ordered online or found at your local tractor and feed store. If it’s fit for a jar, you can simply screw the mason jar on, turn it upside down and have an instant bird feeder.  You can add string to hang it or glue it to a post or fence.


Toilet Paper Roll or Pinecone

A really kid friendly bird feeder involves peanut butter and either a toilet paper roll or a pinecone. Have the kids lightly smear peanut butter over a toilet paper roll or a pinecone and then roll it in a bowl of birdseed. The seed will stick to it very well and the peanut butter is an added treat for the birds. Use string or yarn to hang them, and you’re finished.  It’s really easy and doesn’t need a lot of time or preparation.


Bird feeders are great fun and can me made by upcycling many everyday household items.  You’ll feel like you gained a bunch of new pets as you begin recognizing frequent patrons. Birds often are migratory, so don’t be alarmed if your favorites desert you for a few months.  They’ll most likely be back at the same time next year.  Bird feeders help in the wintertime as food becomes more scarce as snow falls and trees become more barren.  Down the road you can even add a birdbath in case your little friends get thirsty!  


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