Get Creative Using the Same Fountain Pump

Get Creative Using the Same Fountain Pump

We love creativity and DIY projects, and smartpond is here to support all your water gardening ideas. This season we want to help show you the wide span of fountains that can be created from the use of the same fountain pump and tubing. We sent the 170-GPH Low Water Shut-off Fountain Pump and Flexible 1/2-in Vinyl Tubing to four DIY, home, and gardening bloggers to see where their creativity took them. Here are their designs.


Rustic & Refined: Galvanized Steel FountainRustic & Refined: Galvanized Steel Fountain

This fountain is without a doubt both rustic and refined. This is a great fountain for an outdoor or patio space and can really incorporate your favorite plants or some garden accessories you already have. This project did require some welding. It is great to utilize family or friends with specific skills to bring your fountain to life.


For step-by-step directions with pictures, and to see how the whole yard transformation works well with this fountain design visit the full project here. Also, follow Rustic & Refined for more ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest.



Let’s Add Sprinkles: Farmhouse Chic FountainLet’s Add Sprinkles: Farmhouse Chic Fountain

This fountain takes an antique find and creates a very nostalgic water feature for the blogger. Water is a part of all of our live, and if there is a beautiful time or memory you can recreate for you every day consider how simple it could be.


For the full guide to this project with pictures, and to hear the story behind this water feature, read the full post here. Also, follow Let’s Add Sprinkles to see more creativity and projects on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Cottage at the Crossroads: Enamelware Chair FountainCottage at the Crossroads: Enamelware Chair Fountain

This fountain features so many creative ways to upcycle! Upcycling is taking items and repurposing them for a creative new use. This fountain pairs a chair with a broken seat with fun enamelware to create a quaint fountain. This post also share the importance of finding the perfect location for your new water feature.


Find out how to complete this project with step-by-step pictures here. You can also follow Cottage at the Crossroads for more ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



Poofing the Pillows: Bubbling Fountain

Poofing the Pillows: Bubbling Fountain

The tranquil sounds of the bubbling fountain can easily be added near your front door or other outdoor space to enhance the beauty and allure of your patio planter. This DIY project is made simple for anyone to do will lots of pictures and the use of just one tool.

Pick out a birdfeeder you like as the primary structure for this project and follow along here. For another fun project, we partnered with Poofing the Pillows to build a pond. You can also follow Poofing the Pillows for more ideas for your home on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.



We are sure that your creativity can span beyond what is listed, or you can make your own personalized modifications to the fountains found here. smartpond ensures your fountain pump won’t burn out with the Low Water Shut-off feature found in the 170-GPH Fountain Pump. If your fountain runs dry, it will shut off and simply restart when the proper water level is restored, so pick up a pump today and get creative. Share your creations with us on social media by tagging #smartpondProject.


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