How to Build a Bowl Fountain

How to Build a Bowl Fountain

Do you have a statement bowl that you want to incorporate into your garden or patio? Add some rocks and running water, and you have a water feature!  Fountains turn any water-holding container into a work of art.  Fountains look incredibly complex, but can be super easy to make.  Even a small fountain will give you the wonderful sense of serenity that only the sound of flowing water can create.  


The smartpond Container Fountain Kit is the key to DIY fountain success.  It is a 70-GPH pump that quickly turns any water-holding container into a beautiful fountain!  It comes with three unique nozzles: the trumpet, water spray, and water bell, so you can customize your fountain.  The container fountain kit allows you to make an affordable fountain out of almost anything!


The water stream will attract a lot of attention, but the main focus will be on the bowl you decide to use.  You can find beautiful bowls at Lowe’s or your local hardware store, they often double as planters.  If you want to go to the extra mile, you can check out local yard sales and thrift stores to see if you can find a one-of-a-kind piece, maybe vintage or handcrafted.  A simple terracotta or plastic pot can be decorated using paint and stencils or gluing on sea glass, beads, rocks, and shells.  


It’s important that the bowl you choose can hold water. Water pumps need to have water constantly running through them to avoid damage.  You will need to replenish the water lost through evaporation every so often, and you will need to move it indoors or clean and store away for winter.   If it has holes at the bottom or leaks, you may need to use a liner or a sealant to keep the water in.  The kit comes with a rubber stopper, if you would like to drill a hole in the bowl so the cord can escape more discretely.  You can use epoxy if you need to seal the hole further.


Building a bowl fountain is easy and fun, you will need:
  • Container Fountain Kit
  • Bowl (stand optional)
  • Decorative Rocks


Fountains are more alluring when the pump is disguised; the water seemingly flowing by magic.  Place the container fountain kit in the bowl, and use the rocks to hide the pump.   You will need to assemble the kit.  It comes with feet, that will raise the pump a bit, so you can make room for the cord.  Gently use the rocks to cover the pump. The cord can be disguised by coming out of the backside of the bowl and running down a stand leg.  You could also put the bowl in a corner, so the backside is hidden all together.  You want to add the water before turning the pump on, to prevent it from running dry. If your bowl fountain is going to be indoors, you may want to test it outside first or have towels on hand, just in case.  The container fountain kit comes with an extension tube to raise the nozzle height from 6-1/2 inches to 9 inches.


A bowl fountain is a beautiful decoration that you can use nearly anywhere from in your garden or patio to your office or business.  The sound of running water is relaxing, especially when it is hitting rocks.  Fountains add relaxing ambiance and are fun to watch. You can get as creative as you would like with the bowl, and the rest is easy!  The container fountain kit is simple to put together and use.  Your bowl fountain will look like an expensive decoration, but  it’s actually a very affordable DIY project. Your guests will be amazed when you tell them you did it yourself!

Container Fountain Kit Bowl Project

For complete project details with step-by-step directions, visit the DIY Projects page here.


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