How to Make a 2-Tier Fountain

How to Make a 2-Tier Fountain

Fountains instantly liven up any space, whether it be a patio or an office.  They add relaxing sound and an allure of magic.  When all of the inner workings are hidden, the water seamlessly flows on its own.  Fountains can be pricy; intricate and decorative fountains can cost thousands of dollars.  Most people don’t know that a beautiful water feature, like a 2-tier fountain, can be an affordable DIY project that takes less than 15 minutes to put together!


A 2-tier fountain has water flowing from one basin to the other.  It’s a classic water feature that suits nearly any space! It’s versatility stems from the simplistic design that puts the majority of the focus on the basins and the decorative rocks, which allows for creativity and artistic freedom.


What you will need:


One of the best parts of this DIY fountain project is choosing your planters. The larger of the two planters will be on the bottom, laying flat, and needs to hold water.  Any holes will need to be sealed. The smaller basin will be angled on its side, so the water can pour out.  It will need to have an opening for tubing to pass through the back.


The fountain pump will sit in the larger planter at the bottom.  You will need to connect the tubing to the pump.  Use the rocks to disguise the pump, tubing, and power cord that can easily exit over the edge of the planter.  Bigger rocks work well, because water can flow easily between them and they are also sturdier.  The smaller planter will need sit on top of the rocks.


The tubing will connect the pump to the base of the small planter.  You may need to drill a small hole if the planter doesn’t have an opening at the base.  The smaller planter should be placed on its side and towards the edge of the larger planter.  You can use rocks on the inside of the planter to disguise the tubing and for added decoration.  Use the rest of the rocks to disguise the cords as needed.


Do not run the pump until it is completely submerged in water, the pump should never run without water passing through it.  Depending on how deep your smaller planter is, it may take a little while for the planter to fill up with water before it spills over.


A 2-tier fountain is a beautiful DIY decoration that takes less than 15 minutes to put together.  You can get as creative as you want when choosing the basin and rocks.  You can go to your local hardware store or maybe a flea market to look for one-of-a-kind pieces.  A DIY 2-tier fountain is affordable and a perfect project for any skill level!


How to Make a 2-Tier Fountain

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