How to Add a Water Feature to an Existing Pond

How to Add a Water Feature to an Existing Pond

Has your pond been less than inspiring lately?  Your peaceful oasis and creative muse has left you feeling more “meh” than “ahhh?”  Time for a mini-makeover!  Adding a water feature to an existing pond is affordable, easy to do, and will give your pond much-needed energy and vigor.


Water features are a win-win for ponds; they add decor while helping aerate the water to keep it healthy.  As the water is pumped through the feature, either by spraying into the air or cascading over the edge, the water is able to release gases and absorb oxygen.  Aeration is important for pond life, combating algae, and preventing mosquitos.  If you have a large or deep pond, you may need also use an aerator to diffuse oxygen into the water.


The three most common water features to add to a pond are spitters, waterfall spillways, and pond nozzles.  Which water feature you choose depends on the look you are going for.  If you have a large pond, you can add all three!


Add a Pond Spitter


Spitters are the most decorative option because you get to choose the spitter itself.  smartpond® offers three spitters: a Ceramic Frog, a Heron, and a Ceramic Vase.  The frog and heron spitters have a more direct, single stream of water, while the ceramic vase fills with water and then gently pours it out.


All you need is the pump, tubing, and decorative spitter to add this water feature to your pond.  A spitter uses a pump that stays submerged in the water and connects via tubing which connects along the base of the spitter.  The pump sends the water from the pond through the tubing to the spitter, then recirculates the water back into the pond.


Add a Waterfall Spillway


Waterfall spillways are easily disguised as a disappearing water feature.  Spillways are surprisingly easy to add to your existing pond, and will give an artistic boost.  The water flows out of a spillway like a sheet of water.  The sound is relaxing and peaceful, and it looks beautiful, especially when the light catches it just right.  There are two smartpond® spillways, a 16-in and an 8-in, so you can choose correct size for your pond.  


You will need a spillway, tubing, a matching pump, and rocks to hide the spillway.  The spillway should be placed on the edge of the pond, elevated above the surface of the water, so there is plenty of water fall.  You can have it sit on rocks or a brick if you want it even higher.  The pump will sit in the water and use tubing to pass the water to the spillway.  You can use rocks to disguise the spillway and tubing, so the water seems to flow naturally out of the rocks.  


Add a Pond Nozzle

Pond nozzles are a classic water feature.  Pond nozzles are mesmerizing and sound soothing as they create a dazzling effect of pattern shaped movements and provide aeration.  smartpond® Pond Nozzle Kit makes it easy to add a customizable fountain to your pond.  The nozzle kit attaches to the 300-500-GPH fountain pumps or 210-700-GPH pond pumps.  There are four different nozzles to choose from: trumpet, water spray, water bell, and foam jet.  All you need to do is connect the nozzle kit to the pump, you have a fountain!


You can give an existing pond pizzazz by adding a water feature.  If your pond needs a little pop to bring it back its former glory, you can add a pond nozzle, spitter, or spillway.  Water features give energy and life to a pond, with lively flowing water and serene sounds.  Adding a water feature to an existing pond is very easy, and leaves a big impact.  Choose a water feature and give your pond a mini makeover!


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