How to Build a 3-Tier Fountain

How to Build a 3-Tier Fountain

Looking for a DIY water feature to liven up a patio, office, or living space?  A tiered fountain is a classic water feature that adds instant sophistication and liveliness.  A 3-tier water fountain is an easy do-it-yourself project, the hardest part is choosing your water basins!  Tiered fountains sound soothing, the flowing water is relaxing and peaceful.  A DIY 3-tiered fountain is an affordable and elegant water feature that is easy to set up.  


What you’ll need:


We used decorative planters from Lowe’s as our basins.  The planters typically already hold water, and you can seal any holes using epoxy putty if needed.  The setup for a 3-tier fountain is very similar to a 2-tier fountain, with an added basin on the bottom.  The planters descend from smallest to largest stacking on top of one another.


The largest basin is going to be the base of the fountain, and will not hold any water.  You can add rocks, and then set the medium sized basin securely on top.  If your large basin is deep, you will need to fill it will more rocks.  The medium basin should be almost aligned with the edge of the large basin, just a few inches below for stability.


The medium basin will hold the fountain pump.  You can disguise the pump with rocks for a more natural look.  The smallest basin will sit on top of the medium basin.  The tubing will connect from the pump into the bottom of the small basin.  Fill the medium basin with rocks.


If your smallest basin doesn’t have an opening at the base, you can drill a hole yourself.  You can use masonry drill bits for unglazed ceramics and terracotta, and glass or tile drill bits for glazed ceramics and harder planters, follow this guide for help!  Fill the smallest basin with rocks, set on top of the medium basin, and fill the medium basin with water.  You may need to add more water for the smaller basin.  The fountain pump needs to have water running through it, or the pump will automatically shut-off until the water level is restored.  The pump will push water from the medium basin into the small basin, filling it up so it overflows into the medium basin.


Building a 3-tiered fountain is a simple DIY project that looks lovely when finished.  The overall look will depend upon the style of the basins chosen.  You can go for a modern, artistic, or maybe a rustic look.  You can buy planters from the hardware store or shop for unique, one of a kind pieces to decorate with.  Fountains become affordable and easy to set up with the fountain pump.  You can have your entire 3-tiered fountain put together in less than fifteen minutes!  You can put this water feature nearly anywhere, there is minimal splashing.  Guests will be wowed by how pretty and tranquil your fountain is, and won’t believe that you did it yourself!

How to Build a 3-Tier Fountain

For complete project details with step-by-step directions, visit the DIY Projects page here.


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