Bring a Water Feature Indoors

Bring a Water Feature Indoors

Water gardening isn’t just an outdoor hobby!  Bringing a water feature indoors gives you enjoyment all year round.  Most people spend more time indoors in the living room or kitchen than outside on the patio or the garden.  You can create a simple fountain in a planter, or get more creative and add tiers, plants, or even fairies!  The flowing water adds hypnotizing movement and relaxing melodies to your home or office.


Outdoor water fountains often need to be brought inside or disassembled and stored for winter.  If the water freezes, the pump can be damaged from running without water.  The air becomes more dry in the cold weather, losing its humidity.  Your house gets even drier with the heat running.  Bringing a water feature indoors can add much-needed moisture into your home.  The extra moisture is great for your skin and helps prevent dehydration.


Water features are simplified with the smartpond® Container Fountain Kit.  The fountain pump is powerful enough to create a beautiful spray using one of the three spray nozzles, but small enough to be fully contained in a reasonably sized planter.  Larger water features may need more powerful pumps, but many smartpond® Fountain Pumps come with adjustable flow control.  When bringing a water feature indoors, it’s always a good idea to test the waterflow first incase of any splashing.  If you are building the feature indoors, keep a towel handy to quickly clean up any water while making adjustments to the pump.


Perfect Indoor Water Features

Container Fountain - Step 61. Container Fountain The container fountain is one of the most versatile water features.  All you need is a planter and the smartpond® Container Fountain Kit.  You can then add rocks and other decorations that suit your surroundings.  It’s easy and affordable.  In a few minutes you have a beautiful fountain.  This fountain is perfect inside or outside, because of its size and adaptability.  The container fountain can even fit in a lantern or a birdcage for an extra decorative look!



Fairy Garden

2. Fairy Garden Fairy Gardens were a gardening trend that blossomed in 2017 and will continue to flourish this year!  Fairy gardening allows for endless creativity, combining crafting, gardening, and water gardening.  You can make the base for your fairy garden out of a planter or basin, and fill it with miniature decorations, and even add a water feature like a stream or fountain.  If your bring your fairy garden inside, you can keep your eyes on those mischievous little fairies!



Make Your Own Wine Fountain

3. Wine Fountain The wine fountain is fun and perfect for a kitchen or living room.  An old wine bottle is recycled and pours water into a glass, creating an endless stream of wine.  The water can become wine with a little food coloring.  If you’re going to add food coloring, it’s best to keep this fountain indoors so animals do not drink the water.  If you have animals at home who can reach the fountain, be sure to use non-toxic food coloring rather than dye.



Water Features Easily Relocated for Winter

How to Make a 2-Tier Fountain1. 2-Tier Fountain & 3-Tier Fountain Tiered fountains are less about spray and more about flow, which makes it easy to bring indoors.  The pumps are located at the bottom-most planter, and push water into the planter at the very top, until the water spills over.  The cascading water sounds beautiful and doesn’t have very much splashing to worry about.



Water Feature with Planter2. Walkway Planter Fountain Water features that incorporate live plants like the Fountain in a Flower Planter and the Water Feature with a Planter may need to be outside most of the year, depending on what plants you use.  Some plants require more sunlight than others, and will need to be kept in the sunshine or near a window.  Tropical plants that are sensitive to the cold will prefer moving indoors during the wintertime.  You can keep the fountains running, and make them decorative focal points for the winter season.



Water features are sometimes thought of as “outdoor decorations,” but can liven up an indoor space with minimal splashing!  Water features are beautiful and relaxing to watch.  Container fountains allow you to choose a planter that compliments your decorative style.  There are endless options!  It’s a shame to only enjoy your water feature in the warm months.  You can bring a water feature indoors instead of shutting it down for the winter.  The water will provide your home with extra moisture, which has great health benefits!


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