Make Your Own Wine Fountain

Make Your Own Wine Fountain

The best way to end a stressful day?  Drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book, while listening to the bubbling flow of your wine fountain!  Wine fountains are an elegant decoration that will blow your guests away!  This DIY project will create an indoor fountain that is sure to stir up great conversation.  There are a couple towns in Italy, and one in Spain, that have a fontana di vino, or wine fountain.  Abruzzo, Italy is known for its Montepulciano red wine grapes.  Abruzzo set up a fontana di vino that offers free, local, red wine 24 hours a day!  Trip to Italy anyone? Read More

Summer Entertainment

Summer Entertainment Ideas

Summer is the time for BBQs and block parties.  The kids are off from school and the days are long, so you have plenty of sunlight to have fun!  The warm weather lets you get outdoors, soak up the vitamin D, and enjoy nature.  Summer is a lot of fun because you can have adults mingling while the kids have water balloon fights in the back yard. Read More

How to Prevent a Green Pond This Summer

How to Prevent a Green Pond

Have you ever secretly judged a pond that was overtaken by “green,” closer resembling a bowl of pea soup than a pond? Told yourself my pond will NEVER look like that, but got an unwelcome surprise one particularly scorching summer day?  The invasion started slowly.  You noticed your water clarity was off and you thought saw little bit of green in your pond, but shook it off.  Algae?  Not in my pond!  Over the next few days you tried to tell yourself it wasn’t happening, but one morning you couldn’t deny the facts any longer: your pond was under attack!  Your pond that had been crystal clear all spring was overtaken by thick green algae.  You couldn’t see any of your fish and there was a distinct smell.  Your pond looked like that very pond you had scoffed at.  Algae can be a tough battle especially in the warm summertime, but with a little extra effort you can help prevent your pond from turning green. Read More

How to Keep Your Fountain Fabulous

How to Keep Your Fountain Fabulous

Fountains are an incredibly soothing decoration to have indoors or outdoors.  You can use a fountain as a stand alone water feature or it could be the focal point of your pond.  The sounds of running water release stress and calm nerves. The beautiful sight of flowing water paired with the tranquil melody melts away all worries.   Read More

Live Well in Summer

Live Well in Summer

Summer is the warmest season of the year, full of long sunny days and short nights.  It’s the kid’s favorite time of the year with summer break and plenty of hours of sunlight. Dips in the pool, trips to the beach, and ice cream breaks are all-time favorite ways to beat the heat. It’s a great season for the adults too, finally swapping sweatshirts for tank tops until Fall. Summer is an excellent time to focus on well being.  Nice sunny weather can increase energy levels and overall mood! Read More

How to Make a Spitter Fountain - Version 3

How to Build a Fountain Using a Pond Spitter

Pond spitters are a versatile water feature to add to a garden.  They’re easy to install and can bring a lot of personality and style into your backyard.  Pond spitters add aeration and ambient noise. Spitters can sit on the edge of a pond and playfully “spit” water into the pond or you can turn them into a standalone fountain using a planter!   Read More

Ponds in Drought

The Importance of Ponds in Drought

During droughts water conservation is a top priority.  States like California and Nevada are battling droughts that are hurting wildlife.  Having a pond, particularly a natural pond, is a great way to help local animals in these dry times.  A shimmering pond may look overly indulgent next to brown, brittle grass and oven-like days, but it’s actually extremely important to help maintain local ecosystems.   A water feature like a pond or even a birdbath or fountain brings life to an otherwise dry environment. Read More

Natural Pond

Maintaining an All Natural Pond

Ponds are a great way to connect with nature. A pond can create an entire ecosystem in your backyard and help you spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Ponds also invite local wildlife to quench their thirst or beat the heat with a little splash in the water. You may even dip your feet in the water when the weather really warms up. Kids love to splash in the water. You can maintain your pond naturally without using potentially harmful chemicals which may harm pond life, your skin, or hurt the environment. Read More

Fish to Have in Your Pond

Fish are an amazing addition to your pond adding life, color, and all around fun.  They give you a reason to come outside and enjoy your oasis. Choosing your fish is an exciting project, like picking the colors for your painting.  Koi and goldfish come in many different colors and shapes to choose from. Read More