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Make Your Own Wine Fountain

Make Your Own Wine Fountain

The best way to end a stressful day?  Drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book, while listening to the bubbling flow of your wine fountain!  Wine fountains are an elegant decoration that will blow your guests away!  This DIY project will create an indoor fountain that is sure to stir up great conversation.  There are a couple towns in Italy, and one in Spain, that have a fontana di vino, or wine fountain.  Abruzzo, Italy is known for its Montepulciano red wine grapes.  Abruzzo set up a fontana di vino that offers free, local, red wine 24 hours a day!  Trip to Italy anyone? Read More

How to Make a Spitter Fountain - Version 3

How to Build a Fountain Using a Pond Spitter

Pond spitters are a versatile water feature to add to a garden.  They’re easy to install and can bring a lot of personality and style into your backyard.  Pond spitters add aeration and ambient noise. Spitters can sit on the edge of a pond and playfully “spit” water into the pond or you can turn them into a standalone fountain using a planter!   Read More

Water Feature with Planter

How to Create a Water Feature with a Planter

Fountains range from the bursting spray of water in the middle of a lake to an indoor fountain with a light trickle on a desk.  Fountains are flexible in design and whether big or small, still help you connect with water and relax.  You can make an outdoor fountain or bring some serenity indoors.  The smartpond® Container Fountain Kit gives you the freedom to turn nearly any water-holding container into an easy DIY work of art! Read More

Decorate Your Pond for Winter

Ponds are often overlooked during holiday decorations in the winter, but can really make a yard come to life!  Ice skating is one of the best parts of winter, and if your pond is big enough, you have a free rink in your backyard with just a little bit of work!  There is something magical about the glistening of an icy pond in a sea of snow!  You can decorate whether you keep your pond running or shut it down until spring.  
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Fish Shaped Fountain

DIY Fountains for Your Home

The world of water gardening provides many options. From small tabletop fountains to walkway pieces, you have a lot of creative freedom that will help make your water gardening dreams a reality. If you are not sure what type of fountain you may want, here are some of the most common DIY fountains in water gardening and how you can use them.

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