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Make Your Own Wine Fountain

Make Your Own Wine Fountain

The best way to end a stressful day?  Drinking a glass of wine and reading a good book, while listening to the bubbling flow of your wine fountain!  Wine fountains are an elegant decoration that will blow your guests away!  This DIY project will create an indoor fountain that is sure to stir up great conversation.  There are a couple towns in Italy, and one in Spain, that have a fontana di vino, or wine fountain.  Abruzzo, Italy is known for its Montepulciano red wine grapes.  Abruzzo set up a fontana di vino that offers free, local, red wine 24 hours a day!  Trip to Italy anyone? Read More

How to Make a Spitter Fountain - Version 3

How to Build a Fountain Using a Pond Spitter

Pond spitters are a versatile water feature to add to a garden.  They’re easy to install and can bring a lot of personality and style into your backyard.  Pond spitters add aeration and ambient noise. Spitters can sit on the edge of a pond and playfully “spit” water into the pond or you can turn them into a standalone fountain using a planter!   Read More

Water Feature with Planter

How to Create a Water Feature with a Planter

Fountains range from the bursting spray of water in the middle of a lake to an indoor fountain with a light trickle on a desk.  Fountains are flexible in design and whether big or small, still help you connect with water and relax.  You can make an outdoor fountain or bring some serenity indoors.  The smartpond® Container Fountain Kit gives you the freedom to turn nearly any water-holding container into an easy DIY work of art! Read More

Updating an Existing Pond

Update an Existing Pond

Spring is a great time start on new outdoor projects; the weather is finally warm enough to get back to water gardening.  Is your pond looking a little bland?  It is lacking its initial pizazz?  It might be time for an upgrade.   Read More

How to Build a Pond Guide

How to Build a Pond – Infographic

Thinking of adding a pond to your yard? smartpond® makes it an easy and budget friendly DIY project, with just a trip to Lowe’s and a little elbow grease.  The hardest part will be digging the hole! Read More

Disappearing Feature

How to Build a Disappearing Feature

Water features bring a garden to life, adding peaceful sounds of water flowing and a pretty focal point.  The sound of flowing water has been shown to reduce stress hormone levels.  There are many different varieties of water features to chose from.  Ponds create an oasis, teeming with fish and floating plants.  Smaller scale features like waterfalls and fountains are beautiful, moving, decorations that create music with their flowing water.    Read More

Spring Pond

Dreaming About Spring

The seemingly endless months of snow and cold weather have us dreaming of spring (unless you live in Florida and put on a jacket only once or twice this season).  Our fingers ache to dig into the soil, tear out weeds, and scoop out fish feed.  The poor gardening tools haven’t been touched in months.  Our koi are still sluggish and don’t greet us beneath the ice.  It can be a little disheartening.  We still have about a month until March 20th, the official start of spring, the Spring Equinox. Read More

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Birds bring a yard to life, a blend of nature and beauty with their various personalities, colors, and sounds.  They also enjoy munching on bugs, worms, even spiders, and help with pollination.  You can watch them for hours, allowing your mind to still, as they flit from one tree to the next, communicating with one another.  They induce a state of peace and relaxation, as watching them forces you to live in the moment.  It can help ease stress and make your problems seem less monumental, observing how large and intricate the world truly is, while breathing fresh air.   Read More