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Your Guide to Water Treatments

Summer is here and that means sunshine, warm pools, and green…ponds? Yes, this is the time of year when many ponds go from a crystal clear oasis to something resembling a celebrity green juice. The combination of the warm weather and intense direct sunlight creates the perfect conditions for algae to take over, which means you might need some water treatments.

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Three Important Components of a Healthy Pond

Having a pond can provide a lot of benefits you, your family and the environment can enjoy. The pond life brings a lot of relaxation, calm and beauty to your atmosphere. To ensure a great Pond Life, it is crucial to take care of the main parts and keep a healthy pond.
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Common Pond Building Questions

Building a pond is a great experience. You take the time to create a relaxing ambiance for you, your guests and your surrounding environment. As a result of their peaceful nature, ponds have become increasingly popular throughout the years. People have decided to build a pond from the ground up, or down, to create the oasis they have always dreamed of. If you are looking to integrate one in your backyard, the work may seem intimidating. However, there are a lot of resources, like this website, that assist you in your pond building journey. To start, here are some of the three most common questions novice pond enthusiasts ask before putting the shovel in the dirt.

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Building a Two Product Pond is as Easy as 1, 2, …

The  thought of building a pond may seem intimidating. Pictures usually depict DIY pond building with a lot of dirt, sweat and patience. However, we promise that building the pond you have always wanted does not take a lot prior experience. The experts at smartpond have proven that all it takes is two products, in three different options, to build a beautiful basic pond! A two product pond is a great way to introduce a first-time DIY water garden enthusiast into pond building.
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