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How to Prevent Algae Blooms During the Summer Season

Pond Life during the summer focuses a lot on algae. The combination of summer heat and debris can cause green algae to grow in your water features and disturb their appearance and health. Controlling the amount of algae in your pond may be a hard task, but here are a few products and tips you can utilize to help prevent algae.

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What’s New with smartpond? Introducing Premium Pumps and More!

smartpond® embraces the Pond Life. There is nothing better than walking outside to your oasis and enjoying the beauty you have created. smartpond’s mission is to help you make your water garden the best it can be. We don’t settle for “done”, we go for perfection. We want to make sure your oasis is as pristine as it can be and therefore, we are happy to launch our new product line that includes premium pumps, new filtration products, aeration items, and water treatments.

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