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Cloudy Water in Summer & Clear Water in Winter

Cloudy Water in Summer & Clear Water in Winter

Have you ever noticed your pond water tends to be cloudy in the summer and then crystal clear in the winter?  Ever wonder why?  While your pond is man-made, it is still a part of nature.  Ponds are heavily affected by the weather and the surrounding environment.  Heavy rain can disrupt the water clarity almost overnight.  Freezing temperatures create a layer of ice on the surface of the water.  Pond care and maintenance change with the seasons, each new season bringing in specific issues and concerns. Read More

Natural Pond

Maintaining an All Natural Pond

Ponds are a great way to connect with nature. A pond can create an entire ecosystem in your backyard and help you spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Ponds also invite local wildlife to quench their thirst or beat the heat with a little splash in the water. You may even dip your feet in the water when the weather really warms up. Kids love to splash in the water. You can maintain your pond naturally without using potentially harmful chemicals which may harm pond life, your skin, or hurt the environment. Read More

Three Important Components of a Healthy Pond

Having a pond can provide a lot of benefits you, your family and the environment can enjoy. The pond life brings a lot of relaxation, calm and beauty to your atmosphere. To ensure a great Pond Life, it is crucial to take care of the main parts and keep a healthy pond.
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What’s New with smartpond? Introducing Premium Pumps and More!

smartpond® embraces the Pond Life. There is nothing better than walking outside to your oasis and enjoying the beauty you have created. smartpond’s mission is to help you make your water garden the best it can be. We don’t settle for “done”, we go for perfection. We want to make sure your oasis is as pristine as it can be and therefore, we are happy to launch our new product line that includes premium pumps, new filtration products, aeration items, and water treatments.

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