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How to Train Your Fish to Eat from Your Hand

 Koi are very intelligent fish with unique personalities.  Jackie Chan famously trained a koi to roll over for a belly rub in a viral video.  Training a fish to roll over is no easy feat, and should be worked up too.   Koi develop relationships with their owners, showing excitement when seeing them, and learning their routines.  Some Koi will even rub up on their owners hands when in the water and enjoy being hand fed.  Certain Koi are naturally more social than others due to their personalities, you may have already noticed a few “greeters” always say hi while the shy guys hang out in the back.

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Feeding Your Fish as Temperatures Decline

With Fall around the corner, it’s nearly time to break out the sweaters and boots and begin your diet of Pumpkin Spice.  Florida friends are still at war with algae in bathing suits and flip flops, but those a little more North are starting the battle of the leaves.  Pond care shifts as the weather becomes cooler, and a major area of concern is fish feeding.

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Why Spring is the Best Season for Pond Life

Everybody prepares for a cold winter but pond enthusiasts can’t wait for March to come around. The cold, long months of an idle pond finally end and you are able to waken the fun, vibrant life a pond creates. There are few things that are both relaxing and fun as Pond Life, and you will FINALLY have the chance to enjoy it.

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What’s New with smartpond? Introducing Premium Pumps and More!

smartpond® embraces the Pond Life. There is nothing better than walking outside to your oasis and enjoying the beauty you have created. smartpond’s mission is to help you make your water garden the best it can be. We don’t settle for “done”, we go for perfection. We want to make sure your oasis is as pristine as it can be and therefore, we are happy to launch our new product line that includes premium pumps, new filtration products, aeration items, and water treatments.

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