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How to Pick the Right Pond Pump

The pump is the life force of the pond.  Stagnant water quickly attracts algae and mosquito larvae.  Water in a pond must be circulating and ideally filtered.  A pump can be used to power a filtration system, waterfall, fountain, or water feature.  Waterfalls, fountains, and other features are decorative, but also play a vital role in the pond’s ecosystem.  They keep the water flowing and oxygenated.  There are many different pumps to choose from, ranging in function, features, and strength. Read More

DIY Container Fountain Kit

It would be hard to find a more tranquil sound than a fountain. A garden can be turned into a peaceful sanctuary filled with the calming sounds of running water. Fountains come in all different shapes, sizes, and…price tags.  A pretty self-contained water feature can cost anywhere from a hundred to over a thousand dollars! The smartpond® Container Fountain Kit turns water gardening into an affordable Do It Yourself project with lots of freedom.

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Troubleshooting your Pond Pump

All healthy beings have one thing in common: a healthy heart. Your pond is no different. With the pump as its heart, your pond relies on it to be healthy and working at its best. Unfortunately, different things can interfere with your pump causing it to work less efficiently, or even stop completely. So, what do you do if it stops working properly? We have some great tips to help troubleshoot your pond’s heart pumping as strong as the day you first plugged it in.

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smartpond® Introduces Premium Line of Professional-Grade Pumps

West Palm Beach, Florida (June 2016) – smartpond® introduces a new line of premium pumps at Lowe’s this season. Eleven premium pump options in various size capacities are available to satisfy a range of pond, waterfall and fountain pumps needs for DIYers and professionals. Innovatively efficient pumps offered in 200 stores & online at

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Three Important Components of a Healthy Pond

Having a pond can provide a lot of benefits you, your family and the environment can enjoy. The pond life brings a lot of relaxation, calm and beauty to your atmosphere. To ensure a great Pond Life, it is crucial to take care of the main parts and keep a healthy pond.
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Which Water Treatment is the Prescription you need?

Now that Spring is here, it is time to bring your pond to life as a #FirstRePonder! From water to sludge, smartpond® made it a goal to simplify your maintenance routine and introduce a great line of water treatment products you will help make your Pond Life as easy as possible.
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