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calming waters project

Build a Calming Waters Project

smartpond is proud of the high-quality, DIY water gardening products we create to help our customers to create their backyard oasis. With the Calming Waters Project, smoothly flowing water seems to disappear when it glides over the brim of a negative-edge pool. The water barely whispers and hardly splashes as it spills down the sides and into a pool below.

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What’s New with smartpond? Introducing Premium Pumps and More!

smartpond® embraces the Pond Life. There is nothing better than walking outside to your oasis and enjoying the beauty you have created. smartpond’s mission is to help you make your water garden the best it can be. We don’t settle for “done”, we go for perfection. We want to make sure your oasis is as pristine as it can be and therefore, we are happy to launch our new product line that includes premium pumps, new filtration products, aeration items, and water treatments.

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