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Pond Plants

Choosing the Best Pond Plants

Ponds plants can be more than pretty, they can serve a purpose.  Some aquatic plants help oxygenate the water, while others provide shade.  The right pond plants attract butterflies, bees, and frogs, making your pond the local watering hole. You can garden in and around your pond, added a mix of submerged, emergent, marginal, and floating plants.  Plants can add color and life, turning a dull pond into a beautiful Monet painting. Read More

Plants that Flower in Winter

Spring and summer gardens are known for their bright colors and vivacity.  Fall has the beautiful changing leaves.  Winter has bare trees…and snow?  There are many plants that prefer actually prefer the cold weather and will bloom beautiful flowers amidst the falling snowflakes.  There are even a few that will die off in the warm weather and reappear every fall or winter, with very little maintenance.  Plants help bring a pond to life, adding color and fun.  In the fall, before the ground freezes, plant some winter blooming plants around the pond and as the temperatures drop, wait for the flowers to peek under the blanket of snow.  Your pond will look extra beautiful even if it’s shut down until spring.

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Closing Down Your Pond

Winter is a magical time of year.  Unfortunately your koi can’t curl up in a Snuggie by the fire and read a good book while it snows; they need a little extra TLC to make it through the winter.  Fish are better equipped to handle the cold, but may need to be moved indoors depending on the situation.  Some plants need no help and will surprise you in spring with a bloom of hello.

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Prepare Your Plants for Closing Your Pond

Winter is coming and that means so are the snowmen, hot cocoa, and ice skating!  Before winter can be properly enjoyed, water gardeners must prepare their ponds for the upcoming months of freezing temperatures.  Fish can often dominate the winterization strategy, but plants also need extra care in the fall to help make the transition.  As the ponds begin to ice over and your pond closes, depending on their hardiness, plants need to be relocated indoors, pruned, or moved to the bottom of the pond.

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