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Fall Pond Decor

Fall Pond Decor

Fall décor is incredibly versatile.  Traditional fall palettes mimic the natural colors of the changing leaves with deep and rich reds, oranges, browns, and yellows.  These colors work well with a rustic theme, making it easy to up-cycle.  Everyday worn or antique items can be strategic decorative pieces, fitted together to tell a story.  You can also play up Halloween and use brighter oranges or spooky themes.  Fall decor tends to blend elements from nature, using pine cones, leaves, and pumpkins as accents.  Your pond can easily be turned into a decorative focal point with a few decorations, incorporating nature with seasonal trends. Read More

Pond Plants

Choosing the Best Pond Plants

Ponds plants can be more than pretty, they can serve a purpose.  Some aquatic plants help oxygenate the water, while others provide shade.  The right pond plants attract butterflies, bees, and frogs, making your pond the local watering hole. You can garden in and around your pond, added a mix of submerged, emergent, marginal, and floating plants.  Plants can add color and life, turning a dull pond into a beautiful Monet painting. Read More

Updating an Existing Pond

Update an Existing Pond

Spring is a great time start on new outdoor projects; the weather is finally warm enough to get back to water gardening.  Is your pond looking a little bland?  It is lacking its initial pizazz?  It might be time for an upgrade.   Read More

How to Build a Pond Guide

How to Build a Pond – Infographic

Thinking of adding a pond to your yard? smartpond® makes it an easy and budget friendly DIY project, with just a trip to Lowe’s and a little elbow grease.  The hardest part will be digging the hole! Read More

Benefits of Being Outdoors

The Benefits of Being Outdoors

Ponds are a beautiful decoration to a yard, but their benefits go way beyond the aesthetics.  Ponds motivate you to get outdoors and reconnect with nature.  If you have koi or other fish in your pond, every day you’ll find yourself outside for a minute or two.  This little bit of exposure can help lift your mood for the day.  The fish will learn your schedule and will eventually greet you at feeding time, popping their little heads out of the water and swimming close to the edge to say “hi.”   Read More

How to Pick the Right Pond Pump

How to Pick the Right Pond Pump

The pump is the life force of the pond.  Stagnant water quickly attracts algae and mosquito larvae.  Water in a pond must be circulating and ideally filtered.  A pump can be used to power a filtration system, waterfall, fountain, or water feature.  Waterfalls, fountains, and other features are decorative, but also play a vital role in the pond’s ecosystem.  They keep the water flowing and oxygenated.  There are many different pumps to choose from, ranging in function, features, and strength. Read More

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Birds bring a yard to life, a blend of nature and beauty with their various personalities, colors, and sounds.  They also enjoy munching on bugs, worms, even spiders, and help with pollination.  You can watch them for hours, allowing your mind to still, as they flit from one tree to the next, communicating with one another.  They induce a state of peace and relaxation, as watching them forces you to live in the moment.  It can help ease stress and make your problems seem less monumental, observing how large and intricate the world truly is, while breathing fresh air.   Read More

Plants that Flower in Winter

Spring and summer gardens are known for their bright colors and vivacity.  Fall has the beautiful changing leaves.  Winter has bare trees…and snow?  There are many plants that prefer actually prefer the cold weather and will bloom beautiful flowers amidst the falling snowflakes.  There are even a few that will die off in the warm weather and reappear every fall or winter, with very little maintenance.  Plants help bring a pond to life, adding color and fun.  In the fall, before the ground freezes, plant some winter blooming plants around the pond and as the temperatures drop, wait for the flowers to peek under the blanket of snow.  Your pond will look extra beautiful even if it’s shut down until spring.

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Live Well

“Water is the driving force of nature”- Leonardo Da Vinci

Here at smartpond the theme for 2017 is “Live Well.”  We want to promote well rounded lifestyles balanced by work and play.  Water gardening is a great way to destress and enjoy nature.  There a few things more calming than watching koi swim around a crystal clear pond with the sound of a fountain flowing.  Water is such an important part of our daily lives.     Read More

3 Things You Should Know About Ponds In Cooler Temperatures

There are cold weather people who love big jackets and hot chocolate and there are warm weather people, who enjoy bathing suits and smoothies.  Similar to people, ponds can flourish in any season, but have special needs to succeed in the fluctuating temperatures.  During the warm weather, the main concern is algae blooms, water quality, and oxygen levels.  The three things you should know about ponds in cooler temperatures are the decline of good bacteria, vulnerability of fish, and potential runoff exposure.

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