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Summer Entertainment

Summer Entertainment Ideas

Summer is the time for BBQs and block parties.  The kids are off from school and the days are long, so you have plenty of sunlight to have fun!  The warm weather lets you get outdoors, soak up the vitamin D, and enjoy nature.  Summer is a lot of fun because you can have adults mingling while the kids have water balloon fights in the back yard. Read More

How to Prevent a Green Pond This Summer

How to Prevent a Green Pond

Have you ever secretly judged a pond that was overtaken by “green,” closer resembling a bowl of pea soup than a pond? Told yourself my pond will NEVER look like that, but got an unwelcome surprise one particularly scorching summer day?  The invasion started slowly.  You noticed your water clarity was off and you thought saw little bit of green in your pond, but shook it off.  Algae?  Not in my pond!  Over the next few days you tried to tell yourself it wasn’t happening, but one morning you couldn’t deny the facts any longer: your pond was under attack!  Your pond that had been crystal clear all spring was overtaken by thick green algae.  You couldn’t see any of your fish and there was a distinct smell.  Your pond looked like that very pond you had scoffed at.  Algae can be a tough battle especially in the warm summertime, but with a little extra effort you can help prevent your pond from turning green. Read More

Live Well in Summer

Live Well in Summer

Summer is the warmest season of the year, full of long sunny days and short nights.  It’s the kid’s favorite time of the year with summer break and plenty of hours of sunlight. Dips in the pool, trips to the beach, and ice cream breaks are all-time favorite ways to beat the heat. It’s a great season for the adults too, finally swapping sweatshirts for tank tops until Fall. Summer is an excellent time to focus on well being.  Nice sunny weather can increase energy levels and overall mood! Read More

New Year’s Water Gardening Resolution

A new year is a fresh start, a chance to reflect and make improvements.  Resolutions are made (and hopefully kept!) as people promise more exercise and healthier lifestyle for the New Year.  This year try adding a water gardening resolution.  Think back to 2016, how was your water clarity?  Were your fish healthy?  How often did you test your water? Read More

Don’t Be “Koi” with Water Treatments: The Guide to Water Clarity & Fish

A morning highlight is walking out to your pond, prepped with coffee and fish food, and being greeted by hungry and feisty fish faces popping out of the water, excited for breakfast. The morning fun can be disrupted when your favorites become barely visible in cloudy or even green water.  The warm summer months tempt algae to take over.  Algae can steal your fish’s oxygen while turning your pond green, which is dangerous as oxygen levels naturally decrease in warm water.  As the weather warms, extra care is needed to maintain healthy and clear water.

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Your Guide to Water Treatments

Summer is here and that means sunshine, warm pools, and green…ponds? Yes, this is the time of year when many ponds go from a crystal clear oasis to something resembling a celebrity green juice. The combination of the warm weather and intense direct sunlight creates the perfect conditions for algae to take over, which means you might need some water treatments.

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How to Prevent Algae Blooms During the Summer Season

Pond Life during the summer focuses a lot on algae. The combination of summer heat and debris can cause green algae to grow in your water features and disturb their appearance and health. Controlling the amount of algae in your pond may be a hard task, but here are a few products and tips you can utilize to help prevent algae.

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