DIY Classic Lantern Fountain

1. After you carefully take out the content of the kit, connect the extension tube to the pump with the desired nozzle. Position the pump in the planter with enough room to move the cord and add any extra décor as desired. After perfect placement, run the cord over the side of the container.

2. Gently position the pump in the planter and allow enough room to run the cord.

3. Firmly place the fountain in the lantern and position the planter as you want it. Make sure the fountain is in the center of the lantern to balance it out. For the finishing touch and run the cord out, remove one of the panes of glass. If desired, you can drill a hole in the lantern to hide the cord from the display area. Just be sure to use a glass safe drill bit to not crack the class.

4. Flaunt the lantern in an outside green area or indoor space with bold colors where your DIY classic lantern will pop.

5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new classic lantern fountain!

Items needed: