DIY Traditional Lantern Fountain

Inspirations from the past are always a beautiful touch to any indoor or outdoor living area. It is easy to turn the rustic influences of gothic designs into trendy décor with a bright colored planter and complimentary stones. smartpond’s container fountain kit makes it simple to  incorporate antique items into your water garden, like this simple DIY traditional water lantern.

1. After neatly setting up your work station, connect the nozzle look to your extension tube and securely fasten it onto the pump. When you have chosen the look of your fountain, position the pump in the center of the planter with enough room to move the cord. After perfect placement, run the cord over the side of the container.

2. Position the pump in the center of the planter, keeping the cord over the edge of the planter. After, adorn the fountain with rock for both aesthetics and to hide the cord.

3. Place the fountain in the lantern and angle the planter to fit into your overall indoor/outdoor design. Make sure the fountain is in the center of the lantern for a balanced piece. For the finishing touch and run the cord out, remove one of the panes of glass. If desired, you can drill a hole in the lantern to hide the cord from the display area. Just be sure to use a glass safe drill bit to not crack the class.

4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new DIY lantern fountain!

Items needed: