Floating Filter with UV

Floating Filter with UV
Key Features
  • Moves, cleans, aerates, and illuminates your pond's water
  • Moves pond water with submersible pump
  • Cleans pond water with built in UV light
  • Aerates pond water with nozzles
  • Illuminates nozzle spray with 4 built in LED lights
  • Ideal for all ponds
  • Attacks algae growth near pond surfaces
  • Includes 250 GPH Pump
Model #: UVFS
Lowes Item #: 81665

Product Description

Keeping your pond clean and beautiful is made easy with smartpond®’s NEW Floating UV Filter with pump. The pump floats on the surface of your pond to keep your pond water moving and inhibits algae formation, while our built in UV technology purifies your water thereby keeping it clean and clear. The nozzle kit included in this 4 in 1 filtration system provides added oxygen to your pond and includes 3 different nozzle sprays to choose from: trumpet, water bell, or water spray. Additionally, four built in LED lights will illuminate your pond creating a dramatic outdoor setting. It's easy to use, just plug it in and watch it work!