16-in Waterfall Spillway with Filtration

  • Description
    • Durable 16-in waterfall spillway provides additional aeration and two-levels of filtration
    • Creates a beautiful waterfall effect while filter pads keep spillway clear of debris
    • Oxygen works with bio-balls to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria
    • Can be easily disguised to create a disappearing water feature
    • Built of durable, UV resistant, high impact plastic that mounts to any liner for easy installation
    • Spillway inlet fits 1-in or 1-1/2-in ID (Inner Diameter) tubing
    • Compatible with model numbers: PWP2000, PWP3600, PWP5100, WPR2000, WPR3600, and WPR5100
    • For best results, pair with Pond Skimmer (Model number: SKMBX)