SKU: PZF850.

850 Gallon Pond Filter

  • Description
    • Improves water quality and clarity for ponds up to 850 gallons
    • Can be easily hidden in or outside the pond
    • Includes 12 bio-balls and 2 filter pads that together biologically and mechanically clean your pond water
    • Fits 3/4-in and 1-in ID (Inner Diameter) tubing
    • Compatible with model numbers: PDP210, PDP330, PDP560, PWP1200, PWP2000, DP210, DP330, DP560, DP700UV, WP1200, WPR2000


Model Number: PZF850

  • 9.5-in x 9.5-in x 13.5-in (L x W x D)
  • US UPC: 871980400223
  • Canada UPC: 871980030314