Complete Filter Kit with Pump

  • Description
    • Complete Pump Filter Kit with Pump is an all-inclusive filtration kit designed to improve the water quality of your pond
    • The 300-GPH pump allows water to run smoothly in ponds up to 500 gallons
    • The sloped lid container protects your pump by preventing the accumulation of debris
    • Includes 10 bio-balls and 2 filter pads that together biologically and mechanically clean your pond water
    • Included 3-tier nozzle aerates and decorates your pond
    • The diverter valve allows for the attachment of an additional water feature or accessory
    • Safe for fish and plants


Model Number: MFBX500P

  • 6-in x 6.3-in x 12.3-in (L x W x D)
  • US UPC: 871980400216
  • Canada UPC: 8719801030208

Complete Filter Kit with Pump Maintenance

Complete Filter Kit with Pump